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Bjarne Reuter, born 1950 in Brønshøj, a suburb of Copenhagen, Denmark and the setting of many of his books.His first book was published in 1975, the same year he graduated from teacher’s college.In 1980, Bjarne Reuter left teaching to devote full time to writing.He is the author of some 60 books for children and young adults (see complete bibliography).He has written several novels for adults as well. In addition, he is the author of plays, musicals,radio and television series for children. Eight of his books have been made into films for children, a number have been serialized on television and many of them have been dramatized on the stage in Denmark, Finland and Germany as well as in countries as far from home as Japan and Argentina.Publications:1975 Kidnapning (childrens book)1975 Rent guld i posen (childrens book)1976 En dag i Hector Hansens liv1976 Ridder af skraldespanden (childrens book)1976 Rottefængeren fra Hameln (childrens book)1977 Den største nar i verden (childrens book)1977 Det skøre land (childrens book)1977 Eventyret om Hu (childrens book)1977 Skønheden og uhyret (childrens book)1977 Tre engle og fem løver (childrens book)1977 Zappa, en kaldblodig hore1978 De seks tjenere (childrens book)1978 Den utilfredse prins (childrens book)1978 Drengen der ikke kunne blive bange (childrens book)1978 Slusernes kejser1979 Busters verden (childrens book)1979 Børnenes julekalender (childrens book)1979 Den fredag Osvald blev usynlig (childrens book)1979 Rejsen til morgenrødens hav (childrens book)1979 Støvet på en sommerfugls vinge1980 Før det lysner (short stories)1980 Kolumbine & Harlekin (childrens book)1980 Kys stjernerne (childrens book)1980 Suzanne & Leonard1981 Knud, Otto og Carmen Rosita1981 Skibene i skovene1982 Abdulahs juveler (childrens book)1982 Det forkerte barn (short stories)1982 Hvor regnbuen ender (childrens book)1982 Østen for solen og vesten for månen (childrens book)1983 Casanova1983 Når snerlen blomstrer1984 Malte-Pøs i Den Store Vide Verden (childrens book)1984 Tre skuespil (drama)1984 Tropicana1985 Bundhu1985 Da solen skulle sælges (childrens book)1985 Shamran - den som kommer1986 De andre historier (short stories)1986 En tro kopi1986 Natten i Safarihulen (childrens book)1987 Den dobbelte mand1987 Drømmenes bro (childrens book)1987 Os to, Oskar... for evigt (childrens book)1987 Vendetta1988 Den cubanske kabale1988 Månen over Bella Bio1989 Den skæggede dame (childrens book)1989 Peter Pan (childrens book)1989 Vi der valgte mælkevejen1990 3 til Bermudos1990 Mig og Albinoni1991 Drengene fra Sankt Petri1991 Lola1992 7.A.1992 En rem af huden1992 Kaptajn Bimse & Goggeletten (childrens book)1993 Den korsikanske bisp1993 Johnny & The Hurricanes1994 Anna Havanna (childrens book)1995 Langebro med løbende figurer1996 Anna Havanna, Kaptajn Bimse og alle de andre (childrens book)1996 Ved profetens skæg1997 Fakiren fra Bilbao1998 En som Hodder (childrens book)1998 Mikado1999 Mordet på Leon Culman1999 Under kometens hale1999 Willys fars bil (childrens book)2000 Prins Faisals ring; The Ring of the Slave Prince, English translation by Tiina Nunnally (2004)2002 Barolo Kvartetten2002 Kaptajn Bimse i Saltimbocca (childrens book)2003 Kaptajn Bimses jul (childrens book)2004 Løgnhalsen fra Umbrien2006 Halvvejen til Rafael(Novel)2007 Skyggernes hus2008 [Fem]2008 Den iranske gartner2010 Den egyptiske tenor

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